VxRail Bundled Licensing

With your VxRail appliance, you are entitled to a range of vSphere and DP – Data Protection Licenses that are included in the VxRail licensing. *Important to note that vSan Enterprise can now be decoupled from the VxRail Licensing Bundle and can replace with another vSan licensing offering. More on this from Jeremy here –> vCenter… Continue reading VxRail Bundled Licensing

Deploying and Configuring HCI Bench

One of the tools I use to benchmark our VxRail clusters is HCI Bench. I am going to give a quick overview of how to deploy and configure the product. You will need 1 – HCI Bench OVA  – https://labs.vmware.com/flings/hcibench 2 – VDBench Tool  – http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/vdbench-downloads-1901681.html – This will require an Oracle account to download… Continue reading Deploying and Configuring HCI Bench

vSphere6.5 vCenter HA Configuration and vCenter Fail Over

First of  all, there are a few prerequisites that are required before your configure VCHA A dedicated port group for HA traffic preferably on a separate VLAN A Range of IP addresses from the subnet / VLAN define above A Minumum of 3 ESXi hosts in the cluster that will contain the vCenter, Peer, and Witness… Continue reading vSphere6.5 vCenter HA Configuration and vCenter Fail Over

vCenter 6.5 with External PSCs Cli Installation

With the introduction of vSphere6.5 VMware have given us a much more simplified approach to installing vCenter via command line. All the prerequisites still apply here you need a functioning DNS server with PTR and A record created etc. Everything you need is contained in the CD-ROM drive:\vcsa-cli-installer\templates\install folder. Within this folder are eight  .JSON  files… Continue reading vCenter 6.5 with External PSCs Cli Installation