vSAN HCI Mesh + vSAN Gateway Override

Two of the new features introduced in vSAN 7.0U1 is HCI Mesh and Default gateway override for vSAN VMK. I am going to check out two of these enhancements today. Firstly Default gateway override. This removes the task of configuring static route between vSan networks for L3 connectivity. This feature can be used for 2 node or fault domain deployments. Its also a requirement for HCI Mesh if you follow VVD best practices and define a vSAN VLAN per cluster. L2 is also supported if required. Below are two screenshots. The first is a VSAN VMK on a host in Cluster 1 .

The Second is a VSAN VMK on a Host in Cluster 2. Simply tick the Override default gateway for this adapter and add in the new gateway address for the vSAN Network.

For HCI Mesh there are a couple of requirements. Cluster need to be

Running in the same Datacenter construct in vCenter
Running VSAN 7.0U1
Licensed for vSAN Enterprise or higher
L2 or L3 Network Connectivity between vSAN Networks.

Here I have two Clusters MGMT and Prod both in same Datacenter. Click on the Cluster object and from there the Configure Menu choose Datastore Sharing. Then Mount Remote Datastore

Select the Remote Datastore. In this Case the Datastore in Production cluster.

Check Compatibility. Click finish

Now your remote datastore is mounted

Now I want to move one of my VMs VMDKs from the MGMT Cluster Datastore to the Datastore in my Production cluster. While the VM will running within the MGMT cluster.

The remote production vSAN datastore shows up as a compatible storage .

Confirmed the operation.

Confirmation that they job complete successfully. 4mins to move 320Gb VM.

Confirmation that the VM is VMDKS are on the VCF-Prod-Datastore but the VM is running on the VCF-MGTM-Cluster.

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