V(x)Block AMP supportability matrix

With the introduction of the new AMP-2S management platform into the Vblock/Vxblock CI Solution portfolio it might be  a good time to review the supportability and compatibility of of each amp type.

Before that a quick note on the AMP-2S. The AMPs-2s introduces for the first time iSCSI Datastores presented from the VNX-e array . DELL EMC customers now have an option to select which version for vCenter that they use i.e the VCSA  or the full blown vCenter installed on Windows Server 2012. Also the C2xx server have been upgraded from M3 to M4 and is now fully scalable in terms of hosts. 3 being the default and 12 being the maximum number of hosts. Two other slight change in the virtual networking in the amp one significant and very insignificant.  The VMK the are created for the iSCSI traffic are not VLAN tagged at the port group level and the “Out Of Bound” management vSwitch has had a  name change to vSwitchOOB .

A last point on the VCSA option is selected. The SQL VM and vSphere Update Manager VM are combined. The VUM service is installed on the SQL server. The SQL Server which would have housed the vCenter DB now only has to contend with managing the VUM DB.

The VCSA option is an important feature / inclusion and shows the alignment between the internal CPSD groups with VCE DELL EMC. As the EHC Team have recently transitioned to VCSA as their supported version of vCenter within the EHC solution as 4.0.

The numbers (5.0.x or 6.0.x) are there to reference the version of RCM  – Release Candidate Matrix. I will dedicate another post to help decipher the RCM releases and will list the major changes between “RCM Trains” ie 5.0.x and 6.0.x.


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