Cisco C220 M4S Hangs during POST

During the C220 M4S POST (Power On Self Test) the system may hang during power on. Bios version encountered this on was: C220M4.3.0.1b.0.1201161639 BMC/CIMC Firmware was on 3.0.(1)c POST hung on this screen: Configuring platform hardware screen. Subsequent reboots have no impact. and no noticeable errors or alarms present. The trick is here is to… Continue reading Cisco C220 M4S Hangs during POST

V(x)Block AMP supportability matrix

With the introduction of the new AMP-2S management platform into the Vblock/Vxblock CI Solution portfolio it might be  a good time to review the supportability and compatibility of of each amp type. Before that a quick note on the AMP-2S. The AMPs-2s introduces for the first time iSCSI Datastores presented from the VNX-e array . DELL EMC… Continue reading V(x)Block AMP supportability matrix