Clearing Vision Intelligent Operations MSM Cache

Q: Why aren’t my newly added devices/components showing up in the Vision Intelligent Operations MSM Sunburst Chart? A: So you have just added an Extra Cisco C240 in your AMP Environment as you have engaged EMC to deploy a bright and shiny Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Stack as you need the extra resources or you have added a… Continue reading Clearing Vision Intelligent Operations MSM Cache

Repointing vCenter PSC after PSC Node Failure

A Colleague recently asked me that was the reason in configuring two PSCs with our management environment as they are not fully redundant without a load balancer sitting in front of them in a multi PSC deployment. I explained that there is replication between both PSC’s and in the event of the primary PSC failing that with a simple CLI command… Continue reading Repointing vCenter PSC after PSC Node Failure

V(x)Block AMP supportability matrix

With the introduction of the new AMP-2S management platform into the Vblock/Vxblock CI Solution portfolio it might be  a good time to review the supportability and compatibility of of each amp type. Before that a quick note on the AMP-2S. The AMPs-2s introduces for the first time iSCSI Datastores presented from the VNX-e array . DELL EMC… Continue reading V(x)Block AMP supportability matrix