Clearing Vision Intelligent Operations MSM Cache

Q: Why aren’t my newly added devices/components showing up in the Vision Intelligent Operations MSM Sunburst Chart?

A: So you have just added an Extra Cisco C240 in your AMP Environment as you have engaged EMC to deploy a bright and shiny Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Stack as you need the extra resources or you have added a Storage Tech  Extension to your VxBlock to eliminate storage capacity issues. You have used the on the Vision Core VM to add in the additional components and allowed sufficient time for discovery. You have checked REST API and the new component is showing up is the XML file. But you still can’t see the component in the Sunburst Chart.

What you need to do here is clear the Cache on the Vision MSM VM as sometimes it can hold on to stale data. Run this simple command.

curl -XDELETE http://localhost:9200/*_panorama

Running this command will return


The next time Vision MSM connect to the Core VM it will update MSM burst Chart

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