VxRail Bundled Licensing

With your VxRail appliance, you are entitled to a range of vSphere and DP – Data Protection Licenses that are included in the VxRail licensing. *Important to note that vSan Enterprise can now be decoupled from the VxRail Licensing Bundle and can replace with another vSan licensing offering. More on this from Jeremy here –> vCenter… Continue reading VxRail Bundled Licensing

New DellEMC RCM Train 6.5.x for VxBlock

For the past few weeks, I have been working with the Engineering teams and the Folks in Logical Build to get everything ready for the announcement of vSphere 6.5 support on VxBlock. It’s been eagerly anticipated by customers and colleagues alike. But vSphere isn’t the only product to get a new code level upgrade. The Cisco C2X0… Continue reading New DellEMC RCM Train 6.5.x for VxBlock

Adding Vplex to DellEMC Vision Intelligent Operations

Q: How do I add additional components to my DellEMC Vision Intelligent Operations instance? A: This guide can be used pretty much for adding any additional devices to Vision as the majority of the procedure is the same. The main changes will be in the detail of the device type. In this example, I have used… Continue reading Adding Vplex to DellEMC Vision Intelligent Operations

iDRAC Powershell Setup and Basic Audit

With the introduction of the Dell Hardware into the VxRack SDDC and Flex1000 ecosystems, I figured I better spend some time figuring out the iDRAC PowerShell cmdlets. Prerequisites: Powershell v3 minimum Installed iDRAC Module Locations: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/7727.powershell-cmdlets-for-poweredge-servers Check where your current modules are installed by running this command Get-Module –ListAvailable Your Module Location will be listed as below.… Continue reading iDRAC Powershell Setup and Basic Audit