Adding Vplex to DellEMC Vision Intelligent Operations

Q: How do I add additional components to my DellEMC Vision Intelligent Operations instance? A: This guide can be used pretty much for adding any additional devices to Vision as the majority of the procedure is the same. The main changes will be in the detail of the device type. In this example, I have used… Continue reading Adding Vplex to DellEMC Vision Intelligent Operations

ScaleIO Basic Concepts for vSphere

SDC  – ScaleIO Data Client  Vib or Driver that exposes ScaleIO block volumes to the application . EG ESX. It allows the hypervisor to issue IO request to the ScaleIO Storage array. SDC communicate with neighbour nodes over TCP/IP and is fully routable. On an ESX Host the SDC is installed on the Physical host by the vSphere Webclient… Continue reading ScaleIO Basic Concepts for vSphere