New DellEMC RCM Train 6.5.x for VxBlock

For the past few weeks, I have been working with the Engineering teams and the Folks in Logical Build to get everything ready for the announcement of vSphere 6.5 support on VxBlock. It’s been eagerly anticipated by customers and colleagues alike. But vSphere isn’t the only product to get a new code level upgrade.

The Cisco C2X0 M4 is getting a brand new shiny code version to 3.0.x. for the CIMC The new web UI interface looks and feels great and the new HTML KVM viewer is a godsend – No more wrestling with  Java and Java Version.



UCS has also be granted a new Firmware version to 3.0.x. and at first glance, it looks so slick in comparison to the clunky old UI



Of course, vSphere gets a significant upgrade to 6.5. It’s bye bye to the Thick client and hello WebClient. Host configuration is no longer dependent on the Thick client and is now ships with a built-in Webclient. Note that some of the functionality is deprecated.



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