Configuring VMAX3 XCOPY VAAI settings by PowerCli

When VMware released vSphere 6.x they introduced 3 new VAAI claim rules that can be utilized with the VMAX and VMAX3. By setting these values you can change the max transfer size up to a maximum 240MB.  A white paper released by dellEMC goes into the technology if far more detail than this post. Page 29 of the… Continue reading Configuring VMAX3 XCOPY VAAI settings by PowerCli

Run esxcli commands via PowerCli

Quick post on how to run esxcli commands via Powershell. 1 – Use PowerCli to connect to your Host Connect-VIServer 2 – Save your host as a variable. $myhost = get-vmhost 3 – Save a variable called $esxcli and use the Get-esxcli cmdlet and reference your newly created host variable as the -VMHost parameter. $esxcli… Continue reading Run esxcli commands via PowerCli