Run esxcli commands via PowerCli

Quick post on how to run esxcli commands via Powershell. 1 – Use PowerCli to connect to your Host Connect-VIServer 2 – Save your host as a variable. $myhost = get-vmhost 3 – Save a variable called $esxcli and use the Get-esxcli cmdlet and reference your newly created host variable as the -VMHost parameter. $esxcli… Continue reading Run esxcli commands via PowerCli

Introduction to RVC – VSAN Trouble Shooting Tool

Recently I had an issue with the VMware VSAN where the health status was listing a number of inaccessible objects . It issue was due to an MTU mismatch on a Nexus 5k that was configured incorrectly. But prior to figuring that out I had to do some troubleshooting and that was my first introduction to RVC… Continue reading Introduction to RVC – VSAN Trouble Shooting Tool