Deploying a new VI WLD on VCF on VxRail

Last post we saw how to deploy the MGMT WLD. Today we will take a closer look at deploying a new VI Work Load Domain ( WLD). Each WLD provisioned will have its own dedicated vCenter and NSX Manager deployed to manage the hosts, cluster and VMs within the new WLD. These VMs once provisioned by SDDC Manager will reside and operate from the MGMT WLD.

Start by logging into SDDC Manager, then + Workload Domain and select VI- VxRail Virtual Infrastructure Setup.

We start by filling in details about our new Work Load Domain (WLD)

Fill in the details for the new vCenter that will manage all the hosts and cluster within this WLD. Ensure DNS records are updated with the FQDN of the new virtual machine.

Review your details before hitting finish.

Here we can see the Create VI WLD job in action. The new vCenter is being deployed as part of the workflow.

Back in vSphere UI. The new vCenter has been provisioned in ELM (Enhanced Linked Mode) . Note the VM placement within the MGMT WLD.

Here I am creating a new user with the correct permissions that will allow The VxRail Manager of our new cluster to connect to vCenter and configure the new cluster. This user needs to be created when adding the first VI WLD, it can be reused for subsequent WLDs. The permissions required are “VMware HCIA Management” role . This role will be created automatically when the MGMT WLD is deployed by VxRail.

Then complete VxRail bring up. During the setup wizard ensure you select to the “Join existing vCenter Server” and “External Platform Service Controller”. The vCenter details used here are the same details that we used to create the the WLD in the previous steps. Also see the vCenter Server management username is the same user account that we created in the previous step.

VxRail Cluster deployed successfully.

Here we can see the cluster and nodes have been added to vCenter. I have only added 3 nodes in this example as i want to show a cluster scale out operation (add nodes to cluster within a wld) in a later post. 4 Nodes is the minimum number of nodes for a MGMT or VI WLD due to vSAN re protection concerns.

Back in SDDC Manager we can see the WI-WLD is sitting with the status activating. We need to add our new cluster to the WLD. Click on the VI-WLD

On the actions button select “Add VxRail Cluster”.

The workflow will automatically pick up the new VxRail Manager.

The VxRail nodes will automatically be discovered, you just need to enter the root password to allow for authentication.

Set the details for the new NSX Manager that will be provisioned. Again ensure that the the relevant DNS records have been created.

Then finalize and review your settings before clicking finish.

Here we can see the cluster add job running.

Once the job is finished back in the vSphere UI we can see the newly deployed NSX Manger and Controllers.

Networking and Security view within the vSphere UI.

Note: this is an example for reference only please use the VCF on VxRail installation procedures provided by Dell EMC.

4 thoughts on “Deploying a new VI WLD on VCF on VxRail

  1. Hi, Cliff
    More thank you for veri usefull post.
    Please help me understand next moment:
    I want to add new node to WLD.
    1. Is it enough to buy only vSphere licenses for new host?
    2. I already have VCF Standard license. Is it mean that all new nodes must have same edition? Or I can buy VCF Basic edition for new nodes wich will be added to WLD with Standard license.


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