Few notes on VCF on Vxail MGMT WLD.

  • Minimum MGMT WLD sizing is a 4 node VxRail cluster
  • Additional VxRail nodes can be added if more capacity or resources are required.
  • All standard SDDC MGMT VMs get deployed and installed within this cluster. These include
    • vCenter for mgmt WLD and each new WLD
    • Pair of PSC
    • SDDC Manager
    • VxRail Manager for MGMT WLD
    • NSX-V Manager for mgmt WLD and each new WLD
    • 3 Node Log-insight cluster
    • 3 Node NSX Controller Cluster for MGMT WLD
  • Optional Components in the SDDC Stack include vRealise and Horizon View Suite if these are deployed. The VMs will be also place in the MGMT WLD .
  • For Horizon these include (not all are mandatory)
    • View Composer
    • View Connection Server
    • UAG ( Unified Access Gateway)
    • App Volume Manager
    • View Load Load Balance
    • UEM Sever
  • For vRealise Suite
    • vRealize Automation Appliances
    • Iaas Web Servers
    • Iaas Manager
    • DEM Workers
    • Proxy Agent
    • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
    • Iass Web Virtual Server (Load Balancer)
    • Iaas Manager Virtual Server (Load Balancer)
    • Appliance Virtual Server (Load Balancer)
    • Microsoft SQL Server

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