VCF on VxRail Launch

No Post in a while – This will explain why.

April 16th launch day for VCF on VxRail. The culmination of an intense period of work. Collaboration between DellEMC and VMware – Dell Technologies – over the past nine months has been an amazing experience and to be part of. Witnessing the evolution of VxRack SDDC to VCF on VxRail with its new key integration points, SDDC Manager and Cloud Builder leveraging VxRails native capabilities and APIs is super exciting. Watching the End to End Life cycle management of the Hardware and Software (SDDC and Hyper-visor) stack doing it’s business, and the ability to complete from a single UI interface in SDDC Manager is really really cool.

Yes this is the end of one chapter of work but the start of the next chapter. Where we continue to work and cooperate behind scenes. More collaboration, more team work, more integration, more feature, more goodness, more value, more VCF, more VxRail , more, more more ….

VCF code Version Required for VxRail is VCF 3.7

VxRail Code version for VCF is 4.7.110

Some VCF on VxRail Links.

VCF on VxRail Admin Guide.

VCF on VxRail Release notes

H/T to Steffen Matthias for his work on the VCF and VxRail Collab Sticker.

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