VxRack SDDC WLD Domain Expansion

In an earlier post, I created a new WLD. For argument’s sake let’s say my new WLD is now oversubscribed and I need to add some additional resources. Here we see we have two WLDs in operation. Click on the View Details to get more granular information on your WLDs


Here we can see both WLD’s. Select the WLD that you want to expand. I would like to expand the Demo Cluster.


Here we can see the detail on the WLD. Notice we have 3 nodes in total. Select the Expand Domain option.


Fill in your requirements in terms of resources. I have one spare node so I’m going to fully allocate all resources.


Review your settings and click apply and then confirm to expand your domain.



Now the Automation Takes over and completes these 21 tasks and adds a node to your WLD


  1. VRM: Import Input Parameters
  2. ESX: Initial Backup of the ESXi Servers
  3. Network: Configure VLAN Tags on Switches
  4. vCenter: Check Host Network Configuration
  5. vCenter: Configure Host
  6. Log Hosts VSAN Network Config 1
  7. Network: Configure MLAG on Tor Switches
  8. Log Hosts vSan Network Config 2
  9. vCenter: Wait until all ESXi Hosts Available
  10. Log Hosts VSAN Network Config 3
  11. ESX: Configure Power Management
  12. Log Hosts VSAN Network Config 4
  13. vCenter: Enable VSAN
  14. Log Hosts vSan network conf 5
  15. Virtual San: Claim Hosts Disk
  16. vCenter: Wait for Virtual San to Come up Completely
  17. vCenter Reconfigure HA on New Host
  18. vCenter Adjust Cluster Failover Resources Perc
  19. vCenter: Clear Red Alarms on Hosts
  20. VRM: SOS Logs Backup Task
  21. ESX: Final Backup of the ESXi Servers

Cluster Detail after I expanded


vCenter View

Add Node to Workload

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